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  •    Though the 3 operations belonging to Nongbo—Aweb.com.cn, Nongbo interactive commerce (Nongbo Messenger and S&D Platform), Nongbo Increment Service ( eg, Job, Publish, Wireless Increment Service), it provides the network media, on-line users increment, wireless increment service, etc for netizens and agricultural enterprises.
       As an agricultural portal, Aweb.com.cn seizes of more than 10 million accumulative browsers in the whole country, the amount of page-browsing per day has reached 1 million, and increases continuously upon 100% every quarter. The developing aim of Aweb.com.cn is to act as the largest agricultural info-harbor in the world, create the first-class network brand, and fend into the global 50 best websites.

    Aweb.com.cn—Agriculture portal of China
      The predecessor of Aweb.com.cn is the China agriculture web founded in 1999, it changed name into Aweb.com.cn in 2002, and was selected in the 100 Best Commercial Websites of China in 2004. Aweb.com.cn holds the managing right on net-culture and net-advertisement, and is the high and new-tech industries enterprise in Zhongguan Cun, tops at the integrated order of the agricultural websites.
       As a leading agricultural media in China, Aweb.com.cn sets up the co-operational relationship with the national authoritative media, such as Economy Daily, Farmer Daily, people.com.cn, xinhuanet.com, etc. It also sets up the under-net information serving system via county, expands more than 10 thousand informationers, and has already found a specific under-net information access. Aweb.com.cn also cutovers more than 20 special channels, eg, News Center, County Economy, Finance, Sci-Tech, Education, Agri-BBS, etc, gets good report among netizens.

    Leading-up Interactive Commercial Platform-- Nongbo Messenger
       Aweb.com.cn relied on its large on-line users to bring out the agriculture interactive commercial equipment—Nongbo Messenger. This platform possesses 3 features: S&D, On-line Shop, and Interactive Commerce. And 4 functions: Releasing News, Immediate Message, Searching S&D, and Interactive SMS. It also has the function of on-line consultation and net-meeting with audiovisual.
       Nongbo Messenger binds the leading SMS & search engines, forms an innovative service pattern. Nongbo Messenger, voice, E-mail, SMS make good use of the solid serving-clients pattern, which is based on network, to bring more experience & value for clients of Aweb.com.cn. The on-line users will exceed one million in 2005.

    Multi-increment Service
       As an agriculture portal, it is a necessary choice for Aweb.com.cn to fulfill the numerous demands of users. Aweb.com.cn has already brought out Job, Publish, Agriculture SMS, Nongbo Media, etc. The recruiting enterprises on Aweb.com.cn per day have reached 3,000, while the appliers have reached 100,000, it has already become the most authoritative on-line agricultural talent service. While, the Publish has expanded from E-periodical to N-TV, N-broadcast, E-newspaper, and will be the leading on-line agricultural database in China. The Nongbo SMS relies mainly on S&D, agricultural news, job and price information, etc. The amount of registered users almost achieved 10,000. The network cultural service centering on agricultural book & meeting has being the first choice for agricultural groups.

    Limitless Developing Future
       Aweb.com.cn perseveres in the managing spirit of serving & electrolyzing agriculture, makes the leading brand and core predominance, emphasizes the experience of clients, creates and embodies their value. Aweb.com.cn has set up the multi-increment service platform. As a serving type enterprise, Aweb.com.cn will bring in an internet revolution on Chinese agriculture and 900 million farmers. In near future, it will be one of the websites having the most amount of visiting and the largest agricultural info-harbor in the world.

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